Who might need this:

Anyone who needs support to make a complaint about an NHS or NHS funded service.

An Independent Health Complaints Advocate is specially trained to help people through the NHS complaints process. It’s a statutory service which means that anyone making a complaint about the NHS has a right to advocacy support. People can have help from an advocate at any point in the complaints process.

What does an Independent Health Complaints Advocate do?

  • Help the person understand the complaints process
  • Support the person to make a complaint in writing
  • Keep in touch with the person about progress with their complaint
  • Attend complaints meetings with the person
  • Help the person understand the outcome of their complaint
  • Help people take their complaint to the Ombudsman if they are not happy with the result.

Who can make a referral?

  • If you want to make a referral for someone else, you would need to get their permission first.

Want to know more?

Download our Independent Health Complaints Advocacy leaflet. You can also download our self-help pack to help you make a complaint yourself. Why not take a look at our ‘Tips for Local Resolution Meetings’?

Please contact us on 01709 794294 if you would like more information
about our service or would like to make a referral.