Who might need this:

People living in care homes or staying in hospital and have a Deprivation of Liberty (DoLS) authorised by the local authority.

A Relevant Person’s Representative is also known as an RPR. Family members and friends can act as RPRs, but sometimes we’re asked to take on this role. Our RPRs are specially trained in the DoLS legislation and to work with people who lack capacity.

It’s a statutory service, which means that the local authority has to appoint an RPR for everyone who is Deprived of their Liberty under DoLS.

If people can’t tell their advocate what they want, it’s not a problem. Our advocates will find different ways of working to help establish people’s views and wishes as far as possible so that their rights can be upheld. We call this ‘non-instructed’ advocacy.

What does an RPR do?

  • Keep in contact with the person they are supporting,
  • Check that things aren’t too restrictive for the person
  • Help the person to request a review of care,
  • Help the person access legal support to ask the Court of Protection whether they should be Deprived of their Liberty.

Who can make a referral?

  • The local authority (usually the DoLS team)

Want to know more?

Please contact us on 01709 794294 if you would like more information
about our service or would like to make a referral.